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Embedded Software Design

Zaltron Limited is a licensed user of a number of software development products for a variety of microcontrollers, and Digital Signal Processors (DSP) devices. Using development tools from companies such as Keil™ and Analog Devices, together with our experience in assembler, C/C++ languages, we can generate efficient code for even the most demanding control or processing applications.

We are also a licensed user of Xilinx development products, which together with MATLAB® and Simulink® allow us to develop FPGA code (written in VHDL or Verilog) for Xilinx devices.

We have a methodical approach to software design, employing structured methods to create modular, reliable, and easily modifiable code. Our indepth knowledge of different design techniques, including Data Flow Modelling (DFM), Object Orientated Design (OOD), and Yourdon (Ward-Mellor) Stuctured Method (YSM), ensures the best approach is used for a particular application.