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Software and Hardware Design

Zaltron Limited offers a complete design service for control applications.

We have specialist knowledge of software control, communication protocols, digital signal processing, video processing, and control technologies, including PC, embedded, and PLC based systems. We have many years experience in the design, development, manufacture, and testing of avionics products and industrial control systems.

Machine Learning

Recently we have been involved in the development of machine learning applications, particularly the design, development, and modelling of Neural Networks. Currently we are involved in exciting research into the use of memresistor devices to create fast low power computation circuit elements in Analogue Neural Networks (ANN).

Our Office

Our office and workshop are based near Basildon, Essex, in the United Kingdom.

Please contact us to discuss your design requirements.


About Us

Zaltron Limited is a small privately owned company, which was established in 1999. Since its inception it has been involved in many aspects of design. Originally set up to design and manufacture control boards with embedded software for gyro stabilised airborne surveillance systems and other avionic products (Video Recorders, Video Conversion, Video Processing, Wireless Control Links, and Data Conversion). We have since diversified into many different types of industrial control systems. These have included designs for environmental test chamber control, forensic equipment, robotics, machine control, and development of Windows based applications for control of complex industrial systems. More recently, we have been involved in the field of machine learning, with particular emphasis on the design of Analogue Neural Networks, and the use of memresistors.

We are happy to proceed on a fixed price basis, or alternatively can offer a consultancy daily rate. We utilise the latest design tools which we have chosen to give a cost effective solution to most design requirements.


Our Services

Hardware Design

We offer a complete hardware design service. With our in depth knowledge of analogue and digital processing techniques, together with our understanding of the very latest components available, we can progress your requirement, and generate circuit schematics, undertake artwork generation (tracking), component procurement, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacture, build, and test.

Zaltron Limited is a licensed user of Seetrax CAE XL Designer which is a very comprehensive schematic capture and PCB design tool, this together with the Konekt ELECTRA shape based auto-router allows even the most complex designs to be undertaken.

Software Design

We can create well designed Windows Desktop applications to meet your requirements. Using Microsoft Visual Studio IDE we write applications in C# or VB.NET. Alternatively applications can be written in C++, or Python.

We can generate embedded code written in C, targeting Microcontroller and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) applications. Since an embedded system is dedicated to a specific task, it can be optimised to reduce size and cost, offering an alternative to a PLC based system.

Our software applications are designed to be modular and well structured. This makes future modifications easier to implement.

Neural Network Design

We can develope neural network applications (using Tensorflow modelling) to meet specific requirements. Once optimised models can be transferred to hardware to implement real life applications.

Online Radio

We are involved in online radio, operating our own music station The Voice Of Doom, and can supply broadcast hardware (radio racks, audio processors, etc). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our Customers


Contact Details

Zaltron Limited
PO Box 85
United Kingdom

Phone: See home page

If you require any further information on our services please phone or use our email address shown below (written in anti robot format, replace [at] with '@' and [dot] with '.' when entering this address).

Email: info[at]zaltron[dot]com


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Last updated: 10th July 2022.